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Our Story

How It All Started...

The Ponytail Beanie™ was formed in late 2016 by accident after Christy, our founder, crocheted her very first Ponytail Beanie. The small hole on the top was more of a mistake than a brilliant idea and just wide enough for a ponytail or messy bun to fit through. One morning she pulled her ponytail through the hole and wore it that way to work kind of as a joke, but to her surprise all of her friends thought it was "super cute" and asked if she could make them some too. 

And so it began. She eventually made a website and marketed her product as The Ponytail Beanie as there were no other beanies with this unique feature. Needless to say, business was booming and every year around the holidays tens of thousands of people buy her Ponytail Beanies for the cold months of the year. Plus, they make for a unique (and cheap) gift.

At The Ponytail Beanie, we are determined to use the best quality material, cutest overall designs and provide the best customer service experience to our customers.


Have A Lovely Day,

Christy C. & The Ponytail Beanie Team

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